BODY BOLT KIT FOR HONDA 1985-1990 CR125 & 1985-1989 CR250 & CR500


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BODY BOLT KIT FOR HONDA 1985-1990 CR125 & 1985-1989 CR250 & CR500
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  • Kit contains everything you need, saving you time and money.
  • Easy instructions incorporated right into the packaging.
  • Contains factory style fasteners needed to replace all your bodywork bolts.
  • Kit comes complete with machined aluminum shoulder washers for Honda models listed.
  • Includes model specific seat bolts made just like the factory ones. 
  • Aluminum shoulder washers included!
  • Special fork guard bolts just like Honda's
  • Everything needed to mount your bodywork plastics and seat including: front and rear fenders, radiator shrouds, number plate, front fork guards, side panels, and seat

    OEM spec bolts replaces Honda Part Number 90113-MAC-780, 90106-KZ3-000, 95701-08020-00, 90108-KA3-830, 96300-08018-00, 90123-KZ4-J40, 96001-06014-00, 96001-06014-07, 90020-GHB-630, 90021-GHB-630, 90104-MEN-A60, 44125-MN5-000, 90505-MA6-000, 96001-06012-00, 96001-06012-07, 90020-GHB-620, 90021-GHB-620, 90101-MEN-A60, 96001-06016-00, 96001-06016-07, 90020-GHB-640, 90021-MKE-A00, 19509-KA3-730, 90506-430-000, 90106-MJ0-000 Our fasteners are the same spec bolts as the factory.